It's not your fault that screens have taken over your family’s life...

that you wake up vowing to leave the TV or tablet off for the day, but it’s midmorning and you’re switching it on…

that you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, your kids are badgering you again for the iPad, and you just don’t want to pick this battle…

that you want to model healthy screen boundaries for your children but the devices keep creeping back in.

💣 Incoming truth bomb...

You’re trying to solve a problem for your family that you haven’t solved yet for yourself.

I know - ouch. I don't like to share the hard truths (well, actually I do).

But that truth is how we get you back in a power position to live your best life, and I'm fiercely committed to that!

My family and I have been where you’re at. But now we're on the other side -- where screens take a backseat to present, connected, no-arguing-over-devices, and might I add, super awesome living!

As a parent, I get that “do as I say, not as I do” can come with the best of intentions.

We want to protect our kids, because we know on an intuitive level that too much screen time is toxic AF.

We’re trying to set limits for these tiny humans who are demanding Cocomelon because their brains are responding to technology that is created to be addictive. All the while...

We’re battling it ourselves.

we are getting lost in scrolling endlessly on social media and then dealing with the shit-trifecta comparison causes: anxiety, depression, and pain,

we are opening our phones to do one thing and in the middle of four other things can't remember WTF we meant to do in the first place,

we are scrolling ourselves to insomnia and restless sleep at night than waking up like zombies the next day…

So, of course we want better for our kiddos.

But first we’ve got to do way better for ourselves. Because we deserve it.

And the way we’re gonna do it is by evaluating the toxic parts of our relationship with our smart devices and saying "get the hell out of my life" to them once and for all.

Now that you know what you're up against ... let's be renegades and do something radical about it. 👇

Join the 21 Day Challenge & Transform Your Screen Habits

Join The 21 Day
Radically Transform Your Screen Habits Challenge

"The one when you finally broke off that toxic relationship with screens (and it felt great!)"

You’re invited to come and cocoon with me for 21 days...

This can be our little secret - no one needs to know that you're examining your smartphone relationship or thinking about changing it.

(Though they might notice something about you is different - something in the way you're more grounded, you seem lighter, you look happier.)

You don't HAVE to do anything differently. Instead, you GET to give yourself the outrageous gift that almost no one else is willing to give themselves. (Hello, badass.)

That gift? Is a YES to setting your mind, body, and life FREE by redefining the shitty parts of your current experience with screens.

This is...

  • You, me and 25 minutes or less a day
  • 21 days to get real with your relationship with screens
  • Ditch the toxic parts
  • Discover what your life is like without screens running the show

The next 3 weeks will pass either way. How awesome would it be if you were the one in total control of your relationship with screens on the other side of those 21 days? (Instead of the other way around.)

What would it be like if you were truly equipped to lead your family to less screen time and more life in the moment because you were fully walking the talk?

I'm here to guide you.

It's not about giving screens up all together, it's about taking back - and stepping fully into - the juicy life moments that devices steal from you.

I want this!

What you'll get in the Challenge:

  • 5 steps to instantly make your phone less interesting (Bye, felicia)
  • How to go out to eat without screens (and have an amazing time with your family)
  • More intimacy and way better sex with your partner (yep!)
  • Neuroscience insights that will never let you view your phone the same way
  • Better sleep, way, way better sleep
  • The daring to go through life without your face in a device
  • Getting Back to Play Roadmap for boring adults (newsflash: your phone is making you boring)
  • 4 tools to kick comparison in its friggin' face (Karate CHOP!)
  • A simple guide to fiercely evaluating screen time and cutting out what doesn’t serve you (you are going to LOVE it)
  • How to give yourself a break without shoving screens in front of your kids
  • The courage to get real with yourself about screen addiction (did you know honesty is like...really sexy?)
  • 21 days of me on YOUR SIDE showing you what a brave, badass renegade you are!

Screen freedom is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves right now.

I know because I live it.

My name is Jenna Lee Dillon, and I'm a little sassy. You probably got that from the title of this Challenge.

Despite my M.A. in Human Development and a boatload of real life experience (71 flights, 49 road trips logged screen free with my daughter), it was STILL difficult to kick my toxic phone habits!

I've spent the last 6 years cracking the code on how to help parents spend way less time on screens and reap all the benefits being super present to their lives.

The result is this 21 Day Challenge!

Caucasian adult woman smiling at the camera


Big tech wants you, your spouse, and your kids plugged into their agenda - NOT to make your lives better but because they make money off your time and attention.

You're here to live life on YOUR terms, not theirs or anyone else's.

Here’s the thing, screen addiction and social media make it impossible to tune in to what the heck your terms, for your life, are.

You might be one of countless parents dealing with: 

  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Feeling scattered or spread thin
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Mean thoughts or feelings about your body or face
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of distance or disappointment in your romantic relationship
  • Difficulty connecting with your kids
  • Not knowing how to have play, have fun, and let loose

Friend, there is a 100% chance that these ☝️ are fueled by too much screen time - particularly of the social media variety.

It's time to take back your life on your terms for once and for all.

21 Day Challenge to Radically Transform Your Screen Habits

$127.00 Only $99.00


In the future, this Challenge will go for $127. Which is still a dirt cheap price to pay for breaking an actual addiction!

Today, I want to make it a no-brainer to get started liberating yourself.

Because you're here to do amazing things NOT scroll your life away.

Now's your time.

This week, you can start the 21-Day Radically Transform Your Screen Habits Challenge for only $99. That's cheaper than a latte for every day you're evolving into your most badass self.

The 21 Day Radically Transform Your Screen Habits Challenge

Join here 👇

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21 Day Radically Transform Your Screen Habits Challenge

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How is The 21 Day Radically Transform Your Screen Habits Challenge delivered?

You'll receive an email everyday of the 21 day challenge at 10am with EXACT instructions, examples, and guidelines to follow so you can rebuild your relationship with screens -without the toxic parts.

When does it start?

The Challenge starts every Monday. You have LIFETIME access, so even if you can't get started right away, you'll always have access and can pick up whenever you are ready.

Can I expect it to be easy?

I could write a spicier response, but we'll keep it to this: no. But you can expect to feel more EASE in your life as you progress through the challenge. Some parts may be uncomfy - as good change always is. This challenge is designed to help you welcome more joy, peace, and vitality into your life.

Is The 21 Day Radically Transform Your Screen Habits Challenge refundable?

If you complete the full 21 days of the challenge and aren't wildly obsessed with your results, let us know and we'll refund your full investment.