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We are renegades rejecting the status quo and creating our own healthy relationships with screens and technology

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👋 Hi there! I'm Jenna Lee.

It can be really hard, can’t it?

This revolution started the day my daughter said to me, "I feel like you don't like being with me."

Gut. Punch.

Despite setting screen time limits for her, I was on my screens way too much back then. And my girl's interpretation? That I’d rather be on my phone than with her.

We live in a society that peddles the iPad like it’s our savior and the smartphone like it’s an extension of our human body.

But good news for us, we don’t need to be saved (or to add an extra appendage). 

We’re here to save ourselves. 

Hey, I’m Jenna Lee, Screen Freed Renegade and solo mama with a Masters Degree in Education + Human Development.

I’m here to be your champion for real life,

Your rebel-yell to more,

Your model for living real in this crazy digital world,

Your navigator to analog-paradise amongst this dangerous digital landscape,

A guide on your journey to screen freedom

Alright, alright, I think you get the point. I’m playing the long game, and I’m here to be your coach, confidant, and cheerleader.

I launched the Screen Freed Revolution for parents like you and me - and non-parents too - who are ready to be free.

Screen Freed is about liberty. Conscious choices. Ownership. Effectiveness. Knowing the risks. Making informed choices. And surviving this parenting gig with as much of our - and our kids’ - humanity intact as possible.

If you’re ready to recreate your relationship with screens, I’m the one for you. 

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(P.S. I’m stoked you’re here!)

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